DIY beauty treatments done responsibly!

An acne treatment that gets rid of those stubborn pimples while at the same time soothes the skin after winning a battle with them? Impossible. I/ We think not. At home, acne treatments can be intimidating. To make your at-home-acne treatment a positive experience, we suggest choosing scientifically-natural products as much as possible.


Alissi Brontë’s new product Ozono Peel Enzymatic Peeling 210ml, uses a one-of-a-kind enzymatic peeling technology that acts as a gentle exfoliator.This is no doubt a chemical peel, which is usually seen as problematic for sensitive skin, however this product is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Thanks to the keratolytic effect of papaya, pimple pores are softened which makes extraction easier and also leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated.


The application is far from messy, no massage is needed. Simply apply the product with a brush onto your face and neckline, and wash with enough water in just a total of 20 minutes!


Living in the UAE guarantees no escape from the sun’s UV rays. This makes it all the more crucial to maintain a skincare routine to keep your skin bright and glowing. Very often home remedies such as lemon juice on the face for lightning effects are recommended. However dermatologists have warned against the direct use of lemon juice on the skin due its acidic properties that can lead to skin peeling.


Try Alissi Bronte Perfect White Facial Whitening 30ml  with lemon extracts and wave goodbye to uneven skin tone! For best results use Essential Oxygen Vital Oxygen Cream. The essential oxygen cream delivers oxygen directly to your skin cells resulting in faster replacement of healthy cells. Being conscious of the damaging effects of the sun and treating them with the ideal products will keep dullness and ageing at bay.


You cannot avoid the sun but instead you can choose to work with it. Photoaging will  make your skin look ten times older than it actually is.This can be stressful, hence what you put on your face is crucial, especially when you have irritated skin. Wrinkles, dullness and irritated skin are common symptoms of premature ageing. Use Alissi Bronte Serenity Orchid Cream Soothing with Orchid  to soothe redness and rejuvenate the skin. This cream is packed with orchid extracts which helps boost your skin’s immunity and reduces signs of ageing.