Your Guide to Beating the Winter (Skin) Blues

While the breezy UAE skies give you that perfect beach weather, the changing temperatures might leave you with dry, flaky skin and chapped lips. Here are a few ways to keep that hydrated summer glow all year round.

Invest in a humidifier
Your skin will thank you as it soaks up all the moisture from a humidifier. Get a portable (and often adorable!) desk humidifier to ensure that the office air-conditioner doesn’t dry your skin up too much, or invest in a full-sized one that you can turn on before bedtime and to seriously upgrade your beauty sleep experience.

Switch up your beauty routine
It’s time for heavy-duty moisturisers and serums to shine. Choose soothing and nourishing moisturisers like our Serenity Orchid Cream that encourages epidermal regeneration to leave your skin silky smooth. Don’t forget the power of applying a serum before your daily moisturiser! Identify your skin type for targeted treatment before you head over to our collection, or choose our best-selling Purissimo for a powerful serum that delivers a 93% concentration of hyaluronic acid and works on all skin types.

Keep things warm
We know the cool weather tempts you into taking piping hot showers, but doing so can strip your skin of moisture! Shower with warm water and use gentle cleansers to maintain your body’s natural oils. Don’t forget to moisturise as soon as you’re out to lock in all the water your skin just absorbed! Try the Le Corps D'or Body Balm with real 24K gold for satin-smooth skin.

Lip balm, lip balm, lip balm!
Keep your pout protected with lip products that hydrate and nourish without constant reapplication! For a touch of luxury, try our Blistar 24k Lip Repair for a lip treatment enhanced with 24K gold for all-day protection and nourishment.