Sunny Side Up? Ask your skin!

Lockdown liberation?

Looks like ‘normal life’ has returned to the UAE,  if you consider that we are all in a state of semi-lockdown relief. It also means that a certain section of people have been returning to work, driving up and down to facilitate business, with some hitting the parks and beaches over the weekend!


But Lockdown liberation is still a far cry - It also feels like summer has returned too, in all its extreme glory. Which could also be bad news for those beach bummers and social butterflies stepping out of their homes for a spot of rather harsh sunshine joy.


So what’s the Bad News?

Harsh heat can be unsparing to your skin. While the sun can provide you with that much needed Vitamin D for your calcium boost and bone health, it can have adverse effects on your skin if repeatedly exposed to harmful UV rays, severely damaging skin cells and blocking the cellular regeneration process.


If not paid heed to, it can even lead to a weaker immune system which puts your body severely at risk to skin cancer or even cold sores. Not to mention cosmetic disasters from freckles and moles, to fine lines and wrinkles with excessive sun exposure causing skin dehydration.


The Great Unlockdown: Alissi Summer Skin Care

Essentials: 1

Stepping out to the beach? Watch out for sun allergies! The best way to combat this is making sure you pack in our Sun Intolerance SPF50  body cream. That sesame formulation helps revitalize and tone your skin while nourishing it with the anti-oxide power of Vitamin E.


o   Apply on the whole body before sun exposure and repeat frequently, especially after swimming or sweating.

o   This body sunscreen cream has high UVA sun protection to prevent any sun allergy



Essentials: 2

Turn on that summer sheen, while at the pool! Rejuvenation here we come with our oil control moisturizer. Designed to hydrate oily skin prone to acne and diluted pores. It helps close pores and neutralizes excess oily phases.   



  • Apply once daily in the morning after cleansing with Gold Foam
  •  Can also be used as a make-up base.


Essentials: 3

Soothing orchid extracts make this powerful moisturizer suitable for even sensitive skin! Working its magic to leave your skin silky smooth, balanced and protected by encouraging epidermal regeneration and preventing photo-aging effects. Embrace your skin with no fear of dryness with Alissi Brontë's Serenity Orchid Cream!



Daily care: Apply a pea size amount on the face in the morning/night after cleansing with One Step/ Gold Foam/Gold Nutriv.
Usage:  Provides immediate relief to the skin. Calms red and irritated skin. Regulates pigmentation mechanisms and prevents photo-aging.